How to Use a French Press

You see them every where!
- Who you might ask?

People in a hurry with a paper cup in their hand
...or perhaps you are already one of them?

For many, buying a hot cup of coffee to-go has become a daily ritual!

Either way, it is what's inside that counts ..the hot and hopefully delicious coffee!

Have you ever wondered what it would take to be able to make a cup of quality coffee yourself?

You’ll love this guide!

The main focus of this guide is to teach you how to use a french press and make yourself a delicious cup of coffee in five easy 5 steps.

But first, let’s give you some insight about how coffee became this popular and world wide beverage..



If you are like most people you don’t always have the time to grind and brew your own coffee or cappuccino, especially not in the morning

…you might even end up buying some overprised take away coffee with a variable quality.. Ouch!

With The Fast Cup Method, you will be able to make affordable, quality coffee from bean in no time.

If you rather prefer a cappuccino just add some milk and 2 more minutes to The Fast Cup Method, and you are good to go!

In a moment I will walk you through this method, step by step.

How I saved $77 on cappuccino in one month

Looking at this Business Insider article on how much a cup of cappuccino coffee costs in 8 cities around the world, I calculated that the average price for a cup of cappuccino is about $4,815. Let’s say you buy a cup of cappuccino 4 out of 5 days during a regular work week – like I did!

It's not your salary that makes you rich, it's your spending habits..

This will add up to $19,26 a week.
Then add this by 4 weeks, and you end up width $77,04 a month.

$77 you could you could use on something fun and useful, like a Travel mug.

The 5-Steps to superb and fast coffee

What you will need to make coffee
First things first, let’s find some equipments..

When using The Fast Cup Method there is no need for a kitchen scale or a measuring spoon, I simply use the cup and the table spoon in order to messure the coffee/water/milk ratio.

By following this 5-step method I am able to save time, while simultaneously making a cup of quality coffee.

What if I want to make more than one cup?
I double the amount of coffee beans, water and milk.

What about bringing the coffee outside my home?
Just add the coffee in a travel mug.

Enough said, let’s break down the actual steps for this method.

  1. Messure the coffee:
    Messure Coffee with a Table SpoonMesure the beans/coffee using a Table Spoon, you want 1.5 Spoons Coffee beans for each cup, OR 2 Spoons pre-grinded coffee for each cup. Pour the beans in a Grinder or leave the coffee in the cup. If your are making Cappuccino; you want 1/3 of the messuring above, both for Coffee beans (.5 tbsp) or the Pre-grinded coffee (2/3 tbsp).
  2. Boil the water:
    Fill the Boiler/Kettle with 1 cup of Water if you are making plain coffee, or (1/3) a cup if you are making Cappuccino. Boil on max heat!

  3. Grind the Coffee and Froth the milk:
    Froth Milk With a French PressGrind the beans. If you are making Cappuccino; leave the coffee in the grinder, put (2/3) cup of Milk in the microwave for 1,5 min (or an additional boiler/kettle). Pour the milk in the French Press, then move the plunger up and down until the Milk becomes Frothy. Por the Milk back in the cup and rinse the French Press in water.
  4. French press:
    Put the coffee in the French Press and pour Water from the Bolier/Kettle over the coffee, stir a couple of times and wait for 3 min.(Don’t put the filter on the French Press yet!)
  5. Wait and Serve!
    Wait 3 min before Coffee is ready After 3 min, put the filter on the French Press, press down. Waite until the coffee calms down and serve! Voila! If you are making Cappuccino; pour the coffee in the other cup and pour the frothy Milk from the first cup over the coffee (add some Sugar or Cinnamon if you like)

This is how you can make a delicuos cup of Coffee or Cappuccino in less than 10 minuttes using a French Press, a Grinder, some Coffee Beans, Water, Milk, a Spoon and a cup.

The Fast Cup Method will save you both time and money compared to buying your coffee at a coffee shop.

In addition you will be able to enjoy a quality cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home, even on days where your time is limited.

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